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See the Great American Solar Eclipse in Pittsburgh

Cost: Free with Admission
Date: Aug 21, 2017

The Science Center will be THE place to be for viewing the partial eclipse in Pittsburgh! Throughout the August 21 partial eclipse, visitors are invited to watch the event through special solar observation equipment, including a solar telescope. This telescope is designed for safe observation of the sun.

The partial eclipse starts here in Pittsburgh at 1:10 pm, when the sun is almost directly overhead. Maximum eclipse occurs 85 minutes later at 2:35 pm. The maximum eclipse will be visible for a little over two minutes. The partial eclipse ends at 3:55 pm.

Along with special eclipse-themed science demonstrations and crafts, live video feeds of the total eclipse visible in other parts of the country will be available in the Science Stage. The video feeds will be accompanied by commentary with the Science Center's astronomical specialists and experts. (Seating is limited.)

General admission also includes access to three solar observation areas just outside the Science Center with the chance to look through solar telescopes, check out indirect observation of the eclipse through special viewers and projectors, and the chance to borrow a pair of eclipse glasses to take a quick peek at the sun!

General Admission Show Schedule:

Buhl Planetarium
Noon The Great American Eclipse
3 pm: The Great American Eclipse

Science Stage
12:30 pm SolarQuest Assembly Show
1 pm NASA Eclipse Live Feed Open House with commentary

All general admission shows are first come, first served.

Special Add-On Offer
For those who wish to purchase a reserved seat to view the NASA Eclipse live feeds, a limited number of tickets will be available at the admissions counter on the first floor on Monday, Aug. 21. Tickets will not be presold. Tickets are $3 for members and $5 for non-members. Tickets are first come, first served and guests may only purchase tickets for one reserved eclipse program that day. Tickets include a pair of eclipse glasses, which will be distributed at the Buhl Planetarium during the scheduled planetarium show. Late arrivals will not be admitted.

Eclipse Live Feed Reserved Seating Show Schedule:
1 pm NASA Eclipse live feed with commentary – SOLDOUT
1:45 pm NASA Eclipse live feed with commentary – SOLDOUT

Remember! Safety First!
Staring at the Sun with the unaided eye can cause eye damage. Even a brief glimpse of the Sun through unfiltered telescopes or binoculars can cause blindness. Always use proper filters or safe solar projection techniques. Eye safety should be a top priority when observing a solar eclipse.

Can't Find Eclipse Glasses?
The excitement about the solar eclipse means that most solar eclipse vendors (including Carnegie Science Center's XPLOR Store) are sold out! It's vital that only glasses meeting special safety standards are used. If you can't find NASA-approved eclipse glasses, try using an indirect observation method, like a pinhole projector to view the eclipse.

Remember! While the Science Center isn't selling eclipse glasses, we will have plenty for visitors to borrow and take a quick peek at the sun, before trying out some of the day's other observation methods!

Aug 21, 201710:00 am - 5:00 pm

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