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Science Fair

78th Covestro Pittsburgh Regional Science & Engineering Fair

March 31 - April 1, 2017 at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

Overview: More than 1,000 students from more than 100 schools in Pennsylvania and one county in Maryland competed for more $1M in cash prizes and scholarships.

Winners who will advance to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair
May 14-19, 2017, in Los Angeles are:

The team of Connor Ehrgood and Emily Richard
Ft. Cherry Jr./Sr. High School
Project: SticKey - Communication Made Easy

Jahnik Kurukulasuriya
Pittsburgh Allderdice High School
Project: Fusion Genes as Drivers of Breast Metastasis

Shania Khatri
Fox Chapel Area High School
Project: Using Bayesian Network Modeling to Locate Breast Cancer Genes

All 2017 Category Awards

All 2017 Sponsor Awards

All 2017 Affiliate Sponsor Awards

All 2017 Scholarship Awards

Please see Scholarship Contacts for more information.

Other Awards

Perseverance Awards

Many students participate in science fairs throughout their middle and high school years. The Perseverance Award recognizes their continued dedication to the exploration of science and engineering. Visit Science Fair awards for details.

Carnegie Science Center Awards Winners

Winners will represent Covestro PRSEF at this prestigious event on May 12, 2017 at the Carnegie Music Hall.

Jesse Hilko
Freeport Area Middle School, Junior Division
Project Does the Amount of Carbon In Steel Affect the Strength of a Magnet?

Amulya Garimella
Dorseyville Middle School, Intermediate Division
Project: Pensieve: Analyze the Genes that Affect Memory

Joseph Flot
Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy, Senior Division
Project: VZV's Effect on Host Proteins

Learn more about the Carnegie Science Awards

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this year's Science Fair a success:
To all the volunteers, judges, students, teachers, to the staffs of the STEM Programs, Carnegie Science Center and Heinz Field, to mentors and parents – It couldn't have happened without you.

See you next year!

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