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Science Fair

Science & Engineering Fair Guide

Not sure what to do first? Then, look no further! Below you will find our table of contents to help you on your way.

Table of Contents

Pathway to a Research Project
What you Must Know
Essential Steps to Success
What to bring to the fair
Insight: What to consider
Scientific research
Summing it all up: your written presentation
Project data book
Research paper
Getting a winning look: your visual display
Presentation and construction
Getting a winning look: Visual Display Hints
Off to the Science Fair
After the Science Fair
Judging Criteria
Category Descriptions
Using Statistics

Don't Forget

79th Pittsburgh Regional 
Science & Engineering Fair
March 23 – 24, 2018

Call 412‑237‑1534 for more information.

2018 Student Abstracts

Coming Soon

Previous Years' Abstracts (all pdf files)

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